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Provide's cleaning service that's truly accountable!

Committed to top quality services in South Bay

We know how to build trust & offer highest  quality service.

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We Have Been Building Our Experience Effectively Since 1998.

Our feature services for youself

Familiarize yourself  with our rich service's!

01. Carpet Cleaning

Truck mounted steam cleaning machine for deep cleaning, use all organic chemicals, quick drying time with same day service if needed.

02. Grout & Tile Cleaning

Deep grout cleaning, organic chemicals for cleaning.

03. Upholstery

Use quick drying shampoo for couches, chairs, mattresses & headboards.

04. Area Rugs

All sizes, clean on site, organic chemicals & quick drying time.
Why people choose us?

We'll make absolutely  any place neat & clean!

Diane D.

They did a fabulous job, worked on each spot and took the time to leave the carpets as dry as possible. The carpets looked so much brighter afterwards.

David S.

Great carpet service that was quick and easy to get an estimate and a completion. They were in, out and left not a trace of mess.. carpets were as good as they could be!

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